HUM Nutrition

Sephora Best-Selling Vitamins


HUM Nutrition is an all-natural line of vitamins and supplements helping you look your best from the inside out. HUM Nutrition partnered with to promote their hero product lineup and generate UGC (User Generated Content) for use across all marketing channels.

The Challenge

With loads of studio content HUM Nutrition was looking to mix up their creative and source high-quality UGC to showcase their products in real life context.

Our Solution

By activating a campaign of 50 micro influencers, helped HUM Nutrition create UGC (User Generated Content) at scale. hand-picked relevant micro influencers who can create high-quality custom content featuring HUM Nutrition’s product lineup while sharing HUM’s #StartsWithin brand story with their followers.

The result is an enormous library of fully-licensed assets which showcases HUM Nutrition in the wild. Our two-pronged solution also delivers the amplification associated with a traditional micro influencer campaign, matching or exceeding performance in terms of impressions, engagement, and EMV.



The following is a single month snapshot: the UGC (User Generated Content) campaign partnered HUM Nutrition with 50 micro influencers with a cumulative following of 429k and generated 60+ assets all fully-licensed to HUM Nutrition for use on email, social, ads, and beyond.

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