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Cotton Carrier gear is made for the active photographer that likes to take their camera everywhere they want to go. Everything is designed to distribute the most weight and handle the highest level of activity while keeping your equipment secure and easy to access at a moments notice.

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Available Product

For this campaign, Cotton Carrier is offering your choice of Skout Sling Harness, G3 Camera Harness, or CCS G3 Strapshot.


Skout Sling Harness

With SKOUT, your gear can be instantly and quietly deployed. The advantage to the SKOUT harness is its fixed-position carrying system. Cotton Carrier’s patented Twist & Lock mount secures your camera to your chest. SKOUT offers great stability and weight distribution, at the same time keeping your optics accessible. 

Available in Grey (pictured above) and camouflage.

Learn more here.

G3 Camera Harness

The G3 Camera Harness distributes the weight of the camera helping to lessen the fatigue of a long shooting day. The Harness System is the ultimate in weight distribution, comfort and stability. It does not have a weight max that camera gear can reach.

Available in Grey (pictured above) and camouflage.

Learn more here.


CCS G3 Strapshot

The CCS G3 Charcoal Grey StrapShot for one camera is more than a camera carrier. It's unique design allows you to focus on capturing a beautiful moment. Don't leave your camera stuck in your bag.

Available in camouflage (pictured above).

Learn more here.


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Important: Deliverables and Due Dates

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  • Product will ship May, 2019.

  • You’ll have two (2) weeks to share a photo featuring your Cotton Carrier gear.


We ask that for this campaign you share one permanent post on your account that features your Cotton Carrier gear.

  • Please focus your post exclusively on your Cotton Carrier product and do not feature products from other photography accessories brands. Do not tag other brands in your post.

  • Please be sure to tag @cotton_carrier in your post and use the hashtag #HarnessYourPhotography.


“Thanks to @cotton_carrier for helping me keep my gear secure and ever ready. With their Skout Sling Harness I’ll never miss the shot trying to get my camera out of my bag. #HarnessYourPhotography”

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